Chat, Chew, and Be Challenged! Lunchtime Learning at the NORD Rare Summit

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Make your choice from this menu of thought-provoking, informative Lunch & Learn sessions available for attendees of the 2018 NORD Rare Summit. With only 25 days to go, be sure to save your seat at the table by registering for the Summit and choosing your lunch option now! Lunch & Learn sessions have limited seating and will be first-come, first-served.

Register for the NORD Rare Summit Here

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Monday, October 15
  • Cannabinoid Treatments & Rare Diseases
  • Caring for an Adult Rare Disease Patient
  • How Genetic Testing Can Guide Treatment
  • Legal Considerations and Strategies for Non-Profit and For-Profit Joint Ventures
  • The Next Generation of Rare Disease Advocates
  • NIH Resources for Rare Disease Research and Information
  • Rare Diseases and ICD Codes
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Tuesday, October 16
  • Caring for Someone with a Chronic Disease
  • How to Start a Patient Registry
  • NIH Resources for Rare Disease Research and Information
  • Patient-Informed Drug Development
  • Patient Perspectives on Gene Therapy
  • Rare Diseases and Emergency Situations
  • Regulatory Considerations and Strategies for Gene Therapy

Don’t forget the party! 

NORD Rare Summit registrants are invited to “Cocktails and Conversation with Children’s National Rare Disease Institute” on Tuesday, October 16 at 6:15 pm, hosted by Marshall Summar, MD and members of the Children’s National Rare Disease Institute.
The registration link for the reception is: