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Oct. 22, 2020


Crisis Management: How To Endure With Style

Posted by Valaree DonFrancesco

On the show today: Crisis Management OR how to pivot with as much style and grace as possible when all plans go out the window. Joining us is Debbie Drell, Director of Membership here at NORD and Mary McGowen, Executive Director of the Myositis Association, whose mission is to improve the lives of persons affected by myositis, fund innovative research, and increase myositis awareness and advocacy. How do leaders connect with their communities, partners, donors, and stakeholders when potentially scrambling to survive? Many small nonprofits are already doing what I call the “Doggie Paddle Therapy” just to keep the lights on every day. And yet there are incredibly positive outcomes that stem from uncertainty when you have the right circle of friends, a network of advisors, and a supportive coalition that’s got your back. Let’s learn how to lean into the pain, adapt on the fly, distill what is most critical and stay just as passionate and focused as we want and need to be — because tremendous opportunities lie inside unexpected challenges. 

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