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NORD hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Patients and families can find support from these events and be a part of the progress that is being made for the rare disease community.

2015 Portraits of Courage

Highlighted Events

Patient Meetings

NORD’s experienced team hosts one-day workshops for patients and caregivers throughout the U.S. for networking, sharing information and interaction with medical experts. While a primary purpose is education, these meetings provide vital emotional support through connection with others with the same diagnosis. Find a patient meeting here.

Rare Impact Awards

NORD is proud to host the Rare Impact Awards to bring together the rare disease community and to honor and celebrate outstanding achievements. Learn more about the Rare Impact Awards here.


NORD Summit

NORD’s Rare Diseases and Orphan Products Summit, convened in the fall each year in metro Washington DC, draws together top leaders from the FDA, NIH, patient organizations, industry,  payers and research institutions to address issues of critical importance to the community. Learn more about NORD’s summit here.


Rare Disease Day

NORD is the official US sponsor of Rare Disease Day, which occurs on the last day of February each year.  On Rare Disease Day, millions of patients and their families around the world share their stories to promote awareness of the challenges, hopes and needs of those living with rare diseases. Learn more about Rare Disease Day here.