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Continuing Education Program

books_stockfreshThis dynamic and interactive program is directed at raising awareness about the prevalence of patients afflicted with a rare disease. There are over 7,000 rare disorders that are known to affect 30 million Americans, more than half of which are children. This program will raise diagnostic awareness of typical patient symptoms and treatments that are actually atypical and continue to manifest overtime. Diagnostic resources, tools and detailed infrastructure of resources for both providers and patients will be demonstrated in this program. Learn more about this program.



NORD Online Physician Guides

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The purpose of NORD Online Physician Guides is to provide a resource for clinicians about specific rare disorders to facilitate the timely diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Family physicians, pediatricians and other primary care providers play an important role in early identification and long-term management of patients with rare diseases. It is important for specialist and generalist alike to remain as current as possible in awareness of rare medical conditions. Visit the NORD Physician Guides website.



NORD Partnership with Frontline Medical Communications

Front Line Medical Communications

NORD partners with Frontline Medical Communications to provide information about rare diseases to physicians and other healthcare professionals. Recent publications include the following. To obtain printed copies, write to Elizabeth Katz at

2017 Neurological Rare Disease Special Report

2016 Neurological Rare Disease Special Report

2015 Neurological Rare Disease Special Report

Huntington’s Disease: Emerging Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment

Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

NORD Collaboration with Medscape


NORD collaborates with Medscape on editorial content related to rare diseases and the patient experience. Recent entries include an interview with William Gahl, MD, PhD, Director of the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Network, on rare disease diagnosis challenges.