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For Students

A medical student’s educational journey is important.Medical Students Photo shutterstock_21373162
Students are the future for rare disease patients and families.

To assure that tomorrow’s healthcare professionals have a solid foundation of knowledge
about rare diseases, NORD works with student organizations and academic institutions
to facilitate opportunities for students to learn about rare diseases and understand
the patient experience.





Information for medical students and others preparing for healthcare careers includes the following:


Student Membership

NORD offers a free Student Membership to undergraduate, graduate and medical students. Benefits include the monthly NORD e-News and a special quarterly newsletter for students.

In addition, NORD provides literature and advice to students organizing rare disease events at their universities or medical schools, including events for Rare Disease Day. When possible, NORD helps arrange for local patients or caregivers to share information about their rare disease experiences at student events.

NORD Student Club Program

Many students have expressed interest in establishing rare disease clubs on their campuses. The NORD Student Club Program provides guidance in establishing a club and a pathway to affiliate with NORD to promote rare disease education and awareness.

For K-12 Students, Parents and Teachers

Because many children with rare diseases experience bullying or social isolation, NORD supports efforts of students, parents and teachers to advance understanding, knowledge and empathy at the K-12 level.

For Rare Disease Day, NORD provides a special rare disease curriculum supplement for high school health and biology classes that may be downloaded free from the RareDiseaseDay.US website. We welcome inquiries or suggestions related to this.