Celebrate Rare Cancer Day with NORD

Rare Cancer Day is an annual awareness day devoted to shining a light on rare cancers and the issues people living with them face. Spearheaded by the NORD Rare Cancer Coalition®, which is composed of 27 rare cancer-specific member organizations, Rare Cancer Day is observed on September 30 to highlight the challenges patients face and to unify individuals living with rare cancers for awareness and early diagnosis.

Free Rare Cancer Day Webinar

NORD’s free Rare Cancer Webinar hosted on September 27, 2023, at 2 pm ESTBarriers, Breakthroughs, and Progress in Rare Cancer is now available on demand.

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Get Involved on Social

Join the conversation this Rare Cancer Day and raise awareness by sharing information about rare cancer on social media. Your voice matters in spreading knowledge and fostering support for those affected by rare cancer. #RareCancerDay

What to Know About Rare Cancer

Click and download the individual graphics below for sharing or click here to download the all the images at once. All of the Rare Cancer Day graphics are free for public use.


Continuing Medical Education

NORD and Platform Q health are proud to feature ongoing courses about Rare Cancers as an important part of our CME offerings. These courses are available for credit for one year following their publication.

Click here to check out some of the past and present CME sessions on Rare Cancer.