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Dec. 14, 2021

TOPIC: Get Involved, Rare Disease Day

How to Light Up for Rare – Rare Disease Day 2022

Posted by Maia Craig

Rare Disease Day is a day of awareness for the over 7,000 rare diseases that impact over 300 million people globally! 

As the US sponsor for Rare Disease Day, NORD is leading the call to light up the country in rare disease colors and unite both the rare disease community and the country as a whole. The more buildings, landmarks and monuments illuminated, the greater the impact! The goal of Light Up for Rare is to help spread the word and raise awareness for people living with a rare disease. Anyone can contribute to Light Up for Rare, and as our country lights up, we must remember that ‘Alone, we are rare. Together, we are strong’. 

NORD is here to help! If you are looking to provide lights to a building or monument, or hope to light up your home or neighborhood, we recommend NovaBright – to light with the three rare disease colors using this equipment, you would need three individual lights, one using each color. Feel free to do additional research to find your choice for effective lights for the building or landmark in question. We have also created a template request for your use, to make the #LightUpForRare request of buildings and landmarks in your city, town or village. 

Additionally, our sister organization, EURODIS has created several effective resources to Light Up for Rare and join the global Chain of Lights. Download the #LightUpForRare toolkit here and review their how-to illuminate a building one pager here. 

Join the effort to Light Up for Rare in three easy steps! 

  1. Sign Up 
  2. Light Up 
  3. Share 

Once the buildings and landmarks are lit up in Rare Disease Day colors, share a picture on social media. Tag NORD and use #RareDiseaseDay and #ShowYourStripes, so the entire community can see what we have done to shine a light on rare disease! 

On February 28th, on behalf of over 25 million Americans and their families, let’s #LightUpForRare!