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Join NORD and ABC News for a Rare Disease Day® Tweetchat on Feb. 28

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In celebration of Rare Disease Day®, NORD will co-host a tweetchat on the topic of rare diseases with Dr. Richard Besser, Chief of the ABC News Medical/Health Unit.  The tweetchat will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

This is the fourth annual tweetchat that ABC News and NORD, the U.S. host of Rare Disease Day, are co-hosting together.  We are pleased to present this year’s chat in collaboration with Medscape, the leading online destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Join us!  The tweetchat is an opportunity for patients, experts, doctors, the rare disease community and public to come together on Rare Disease Day, ask questions, get answers, and raise important awareness.

NORD will be live-tweeting from @RareDiseases and @RareDayUS (a Twitter feed dedicated to Rare Disease Day) with Marsha Lanes, MS, CGC, NORD’s Genetic Counselor & Medical Editor, answering your questions.  Dr. Besser will join and moderate the chat from @abcdrbchat.  Medscape will join from @Medscape.

We look forward to having you participate as we work together to bring widespread recognition to rare diseases and the 30 million Americans who battle them.

Tweetchat Coordinates
When: Tues, Feb. 281-2 p.m. EST
Tweetchat Hashtag:  #abcDRBchat
Tweetchat Moderator: @abcdrbchat
Dr. Richard Besser: @DrRichardBesser
NORD: @RareDiseases@RareDayUS
Medscape: @Medscape


Help Promote the Tweetchat
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How to Participate in the Tweetchat

Join the tweetchat by signing in to your active Twitter account.  Enter into the tweetchat at 12:45 p.m. EST on Feb. 28 from the Twitter management tool that you prefer (such as or Join at #abcDRBchat.  Once you are signed in, you are welcome to tweet comments, facts, images and videos as often as you like.

Remember to use the hashtag #abcDRBchat in all your tweets! Doing so will make your tweets a part of the actual chat.

When responding to a question, include the letter “T” followed by the number of the question.
Example Question 1: Q1: How many rare diseases are there?
Example Response 1: T1: There are approximately 7,000 rare diseases #abcDRBchat.

Keep the Conversation Going

After the tweetchat, you can continue the conversation using #RareDiseaseDay, the official, global hashtag being used in the U.S. and around the world.  See you on Twitter!

Learn more about events and activities happening in the U.S. for Rare Disease Day by visiting  You can also visit the official global website at