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Living with ALPS

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When Nicole was six months old, her mother, Laura Roublick, knew something was not right. After Nicole’s first year check-up, her doctors sent them on a long journey filled with hospital visits to find a diagnosis. Fortunately, the NYU Hospital for Cancer and Blood Disorders answered their cries for help. Nicole was diagnosed with Autoimmune Lymphoprolifertive Syndrome (ALPS), a rare genetic disorder of lymphocyte apoptosis. Laura said, “We finally found our guardian angel.” after finally learning what was affecting Nicole’s health.

Even though there are no known treatment options, Nicole battled through eleven years of therapies, trying to avoid the chemotherapies and transfusions that kept her in the hospital. Through The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Nicole found a trial medication that has given her the “normal” life that she did not have as a kid. It was that day that the Roublick’s found their “second guardian angel.” The Roublick’s are very thankful for their doctors and her improvements. Although they can’t know what tomorrow brings, Nicole and Laura Roublick will keep fighting and stay hopeful for the future.