NORD & C-Path Present 3-Part Video Series on Challenges of Rare Disease Drug Development, How RDCA-DAP Can Help

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There are five steps in the drug development process, which are designed to help ensure that potential new therapies are both safe and effective. Developing medical products for rare diseases encounters many challenges throughout this process. The Rare Disease Cures Accelerator-Data and Analytics Platform (RDCA-DAP) is being developed by NORD and the Critical Path Institute (C-Path) to help overcome these hurdles. The goal of the RDCA-DAP is to help contribute to faster development of medications for rare diseases, 90% of which are still without an FDA-approved treatment.  

Together, NORD and C-Path have created “Accelerating Rare Disease Drug Development,” a three-part video series examining: 

  • The basics of the drug development process 
  • The challenges of developing therapies for rare diseases 
  • How RDCA-DAP can help to streamline and speed the journey to rare disease cures and treatments throughout the five stages of the drug development process  

Watch the “Accelerating Rare Disease Drug Development” video series or learn more about the RDCA-DAP here.