American Organ Transplant Association

P. O. Box 418
Stilwell, KS

832-930-AOTA (2682)

About American Organ Transplant Association

The American Organ Transplant Association (AOTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping defray out-of-pocket expenses for organ transplant recipients. Founded in 1987, the association also seeks to generate increased public awareness of organ transplantation and to provide information on the need, importance, and success of transplantation. AOTA engages in fund-raising, supplies necessary support services to affected individuals, provides referrals to appropriate agencies, and lobbies for government legislation on behalf of the transplant community. In addition, AOTA arranges air transportation for over 60 patients and family members per year to and from transplant centers for evaluation and check-ups; discounted rental cars for affected individuals and hospital personnel; free transportation to hospitals for patients anywhere in the country; and free hotel accommodations for three nights for family members who accompany patients to the hospital. AOTA offers a variety of materials including brochures, a regular newsletter, and a booklet entitled “Life After Transplantation.”

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