American RSDHope

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Harrison, ME


About American RSDHope

American RSDHope is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) among affected individuals, their family members, health professionals, and the general public. CRPS is a rare disorder of the sympathetic nervous system that is characterized by chronic, severe pain following a simple trauma, break or fracture, sharp force injury, or surgery. The sympathetic nervous system is that part of the autonomic nervous system which regulates involuntary bodily functions such as increasing heart rate, constricting blood vessels, and increasing blood pressure. Excessive or abnormal responses of portions of the sympathetic nervous system are thought to be responsible for the pain associated with CRPS. Established in 1995, the American RSDHope Organization through its website, support groups, awareness ribbon and programs and other resources educates patients, their families, and their healthcare professionals. American RSDHope has established the Hope For Tomorrow Research Fund, which has no administrative costs.