Association Francophone ds Glycogenoses

34 allée du thym


About Association Francophone ds Glycogenoses

The Association Francophone ds Glycogenoses (AFG) is a unique organization dedicated to assisting individuals and families affected by a rare group of genetic diseases that impair the body’s ability to metabolize or break down glycogen (glycogenesis). Termed “glycogen storage diseases,” these familial disorders are characterized by the abnormal accumulation of glycogen in various organs of the body. Symptoms vary greatly depending upon the specific organ systems that are affected, and may include muscle weakness without loss of muscle mass (atrophy), abnormal enlargement of the heart (cardiomegaly), liver (hepatomegaly), and/or tongue (macroglossia), as well as heart and kidney problems. These diseases include (but are not limited to) Von Gierke disease (type 1), Cori disease (type III), Andersen disease (type IV), and Pompe disease (type II). Established in 1992, the association is dedicated to identifying families affected by these diseases and providing appropriate information about the different forms of the disease. In addition, the Association Francophone Des Glycogenoses is interested in stimulating ongoing research into the treatment and potential cure of these disorders.