Coalition to Cure Calpain 3 (C3)

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About Coalition to Cure Calpain 3 (C3)

Coalition to Cure Calpain 3 (C3) has a pinpoint focus: to drive research to treat and ultimately cure limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A (LGMD2A), also referred to as LGMDR1 and calpainopathy. C3 was founded in 2010 by patients frustrated at the lack of funding for and awareness of this muscle-wasting disease, caused by genetic changes in the calpain 3 gene. Scientific Director Dr. Jennifer Levy directs the C3 grant program, with a portfolio focused on gene and cell therapy, novel approaches, tool creation, and clinical trial readiness. For the last decade, C3 has been the U.S.-based non-profit leader of LGMD2A/R1 funding, with over $2 million committed to innovative research undertaken by international leaders in the muscular dystrophy field. In 2011, C3 organized the first international conference focused solely on LGMD2A/R1 and continues to plan and host meetings that bring together researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders to encourage collaboration. C3 maintains the “C3 Community” online support group as a place for families impacted by the disease to connect with one another.

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