CRMO Foundation

2827 Sunset View Drive
Fort Collins, CO, USA

About CRMO Foundation

The CRMO Foundation was created by a group of active and engaged parents of children suffering from CRMO. These parents saw firsthand the needs of their own children and the needs of the CRMO community in general, and they felt compelled to do something to meet those needs. They understood that two of many large obstacles to overcome are the difficulty of diagnosing and the lack of information about this very rare disease. Researchers need funding to generate data. Physicians need research and education to properly diagnose and treat the disease. Patients and families need a connection to current research and the community. We envision this foundation as a place to bring all of these groups together, ensuring a successful future with an actively engaged research community leading to therapeutic advances and access to information, resulting in better treatments and an overall better quality of life for those living with CRMO.