Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program

1939 Harrison St.
Oakland, CA


About Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program

The Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) is a California state-mandated program established by the California Public Utilities Commission to provide equipment and services to people with disabilities in California. Organized and overseen by three separate committees, DDTP provides telecommunication equipment to consumers through the California Relay Service (CRS), operated by a contracted vendor, and through local telephone companies. Although DDTP�s main equipment supply is of TTDs and TTYs, they also provide amplifiers, speakerphones, remote control phones, loud bells, amongst many other telecommunication advances. DDTP has an intense training program and strict ethical codes for all of their relay-call operators. DDTP can also arrange for discounted or free speed calling for people with motion disabilities. DDTP publishes a newsletter and brochures, and some of their written materials are available in Spanish. Through an on-line telephone translating service, DDTP “speaks” Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog. DDTP�s services are only available in California.