Disability Rights Michigan

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Lansing, MI


About Disability Rights Michigan

The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service (MPAS) is a private, non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to providing information and advocacy to people with disabilities living in Michigan. The mission of MPAS is to advance the dignity, equality, self-determination, and expressed choices of individuals. Established in 1981, MPAS promotes, expands, and protects the human and legal rights of people through the provision of information and advocacy. MPAS also provides workshops and seminars to consumers, parents, and families; legal counsel and direct representation to people who are eligible for services under MPAS programs and who issues fall within program priorities; technical assistance regarding rights to disability-related issues; and information and referral services. The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services produces numerous educational materials including a newsletter entitled “Exchange,” brochures, audio-visual aids, a directory, and a brochure in Spanish. The organization also maintains a web site on the Internet at www.mpas.org.