Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

10175 Wheeler Rd.
Central Point, OR


About Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

The Dogs for the Deaf, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professionally trained “hearing dogs” free of charge to qualified applicants nationwide. Established in 1977, Dogs for the Deaf selects dogs from adoption shelters. The dogs are usually mixed breeds, small to medium sized, and eight to 24 months of age. All dogs are spayed or neutered; thereafter, they begin four to six months of intensive specialized training. The dogs are taught to respond to verbal commands and hand signals and are trained to alert their partners to household sounds such as smoke alarms, doorbells, crying babies, telephones, alarm clocks, etc. Dogs for the Deaf provides educational materials including a general brochure and a regular newsletter entitled “Canine Listener.” All applicants must meet certain requirements before receiving a dog. Dogs for the Deaf has more than 600 recipients of hearing dogs. All applicants must agree to certain requirements including regular training sessions to keep appropriate obedience and alert responses to sound, a fenced yard or area, and no other dogs in the household.