Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria

587 Canterbury Road


About Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria

The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria is a voluntary organization in Australia dedicated to enhancing the quality of the lives of people living with epilepsy, a group of neurologic disorders characterized by sudden, recurrent episodes of uncontrolled electrochemical activity in the brain (seizures). The foundation was founded in 1964 and currently consists of six chapters. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services and programs to meet the needs of individuals affected by epilepsy. These include public education programs, advocacy, referral services, employment programs, recreational support, and individual and group counseling. The foundation also promotes and supports medical and psychosocial research, conducts parent education workshops and support groups, and offers group forums that enable affected individuals and family members to exchange information and support. In addition, the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria produces comprehensive brochures, manuals, and educational videos on epilepsy; publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled “Epiletter”; has a lending library containing a collection of books, journals, and videos concerning epilepsy; and maintains a web site on the Internet.