About euro-ATAXIA

The euro-ATAXIA, the European Federation of Hereditary Ataxias, is a multinational federation of non-profit associations dedicated to encouraging and supporting research to identify the causes and mechanisms of the hereditary ataxias. Hereditary ataxias are a group of progressive, chronic, neurological disorders that affect voluntary movement and coordination. Established in Belgium in 1989, euro-ATAXIA is an alliance of associations representing Belgium, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Great Britain, and Italy. It endeavors to monitor and support research into hereditary ataxias; centralize and communicate information to its members; encourage collaboration of all international organizations concerned with hereditary ataxia; examine the social, political, cultural, and other issues that concern the well-being of people with hereditary ataxia; and ensure that medical research into hereditary ataxias is ongoing. Additionally, euro-ATAXIA facilitates patient networking and publishes a periodic newsletter.