Familial Dysautonomia Now Foundation

1170 Green Knolls Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL


About Familial Dysautonomia Now Foundation

The Familial Dysautonomia Now Foundation (FD NOW) is a voluntary, non-profit organization that was founded to raise funds to support research that will drive better treatments and cures for familial dysautonomia (FD). Specifically, FD NOW�s goal is to deliver the next safe, natural substance to the FD community by funding the fast-track research at the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia Research at Fordham University in New York, USA. FD NOW also provides support to and advocacy for FD families and promotes education and awareness to the medical community and public. FD is a rare, fatal, genetic, neurological disease present at birth. Kids with FD live in very unstable bodies. All their internal functions are unpredictable. They are prone to wide swings in blood pressure and heart rate, rapid decline of oxygenation and life-threatening autonomic crisis.