Familial GI Cancer Registry

About Familial GI Cancer Registry

The Familial GI Cancer Registry is a professional and research center dedicated to providing professional services as well as emotional support to people affected by familial gastrointestinal cancer and their families. Established in 1980, the center conducts research studies and has an investigative team focused on innovative surgical techniques related to gastrointestinal cancer. The center also has a molecular diagnostic program and offers a screening service for family members who may be at risk for the hereditary form of the disease. Along with its scientific and medical departments, the center also has a genetic counseling department that offers advice and support to affected individuals and families. The Familial GI Cancer Registry maintains a database of affected individuals and produces educational and support materials including pamphlets, brochures, family guides, and a biannual newsletter. The registry relays information regarding hospital and community resources through a patient library.