Family Voices, Inc.

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Albuquerque, NM


About Family Voices, Inc.

The Family Voices (FV) is a non-profit, voluntary organization dedicated to ensuring that children’s health issues are addressed as public and private healthcare systems undergo change in communities, states, and the nation. Established in 1995, Family Voices, which currently consists of over 40,000 members and 50 chapters, is a national grassroots clearinghouse for information and education about ways to assure and improve health care for children with disabilities and chronic conditions. Family Voices is dedicated to the principle that every child deserves quality primary and specialty health care that is affordable and within geographic reach, as well as that families are the core of this nation’s health system, functioning as their children’s most important health providers and caregivers. Family Voices encourages and provides support to families who want to play a role in their child’s health care whether in a clinic, hospital, boardroom, agency, office, or legislative hearing. The organization also encourages partnerships between families and their child’s health practitioner, policy makers, the media, and other advocates who also care about children.