Focus On Rhabdo

100 Middlesex Blvd. 08536
Plainsboro, NJ


About Focus On Rhabdo

Focus on Rhabdo is a collaborative advocacy group of community members, researchers, and clinicians working together toward a cure of rhabdomyosarcoma. Their missions is treefold: to cure all cases of rhabdomyosarcoma by regressing tumor formation, to develop treatments with little to no long-term side-effects, and to raise awareness of rhabdomyosarcoma within the medical community to reduce diagnostic delay and medical error. Their initiaties include a study of rhabdomyosarcoma tumor specimens for further understanding to this disease as well as providing the patient community with current ongoing clinical trial information. FocusOnRhabdo creates educational materials for physicians and patients and is working on compiling a rhabdomyosarcoma presentation booklet to bring further awareness of this rare disorder in the medical community. This organization also hosts a forum and blog to connect the rhabomyosarcoma community to one another. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare disease in which tumors form in the muscles that are attached to bone. The most common tumor sites are around the head and neck, the urogenital tract, and the arms and legs. Symptoms vary, depending on location of the tumor. Currently the cause is unknown.

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