Hastings Center

21 Malcolm Gordon Road
Garrison, NY


About Hastings Center

The Hastings Center is a non-profit, non-affiliated bioethics research center dedicated to studying the ethical issues that arise in healthcare, medical, scientific, and environmental fields. Established in 1969, the center carries out an active research program on such subjects as priorities in mental health and justice in healthcare delivery. Drawing upon a variety of disciplines, the center strives to provide nonpartisan information, analysis, and recommendations. It also engages in educational efforts such as sponsoring programs for individuals and professional groups. In addition, staff members have served as consultants to educators, professional and community groups, policy makers, and the media. The center publishes two bi-monthly journals titled “Hastings Center Report” and “IRB: Ethics & Human Research”. In addition, the center’s research groups produce various other publications including supplements, books, and instructional packets.