Hepatitis C Society of Canada

About Hepatitis C Society of Canada

The Hepatitis C Society of Canada (HeCSC) is a national, voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to providing comfort and support to those infected with the hepatitis C virus, their family members, and other concerned individuals; promoting public awareness of hepatitis C and its transmission, care, and prevention; seeking fair treatment of all people living with and affected by hepatitis C; and promoting research that will help to prevent, treat, and cure hepatitis C. Viral hepatitis is inflammatory liver disease caused by viral infection. There are several forms of viral hepatitis that may be caused by different viruses. The virus responsible for hepatitis C, known as HCV, travels in the blood to the liver where it invades liver cells, multiplies, and damages or destroys liver cells. The Hepatitis C Society of Canada has a network of over 20 support groups across Canada to promote mutual support among affected individuals and family members. The society also offers local counseling, support, and referral services via its 800 line; communicates on behalf of employees for fair treatment in the workplace; and assists affected individuals in obtaining benefits from the disability pension plan.