Hereditary Disease Foundation, Inc.

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About Hereditary Disease Foundation, Inc.

The Hereditary Disease Foundation is committed to supporting renowned and emerging scientists in Huntington’s disease research, fostering collaborations for rapid advancements. HDF Transformative Research Awards stimulate revolutionary advances by providing scientific teams with 2-year grants of up to $1 million for projects with the potential to change the course of Huntington’s disease. HDF Postdoctoral Fellowships fund the work of promising junior scientists and cultivate interest in HD research by encouraging scientists early in their careers. HDF Grants provide seed funding to experienced HD researchers, enabling them to collect preliminary data that can lead to securing major long-term funding from other sources.

We bring the Huntington’s disease community together. HDF Small Workshops enable researchers from varying disciplines and at different career points to brainstorm and explore new directions towards treatments for HD. HDF Research Webinars spotlight brilliant scientists discussing their work in non-technical language for the general public. HDF Conferences bring together international experts in HD and other neurological disorders to determine new ways to identify therapies.

Organization Mission Statement: The Hereditary Disease Foundation funds innovative research to cure Huntington’s disease and impact other brain disorders. Huntington’s disease is an inherited, neurodegenerative disease causing irreversible declines in control of mood, memory, and movement. Currently there is no cure. Since HD is caused by a single gene, it serves as a model to potentially unlock cures for other brain disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) diseases.

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