Huntington Society of Canada

About Huntington Society of Canada

The Huntington Society of Canada is a national, non-profit network of volunteers and professionals dedicated to finding a cure and treatment for Huntington’s disease and improving the quality of life for affected individuals and family members. Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited degenerative brain disorder characterized by irregular, involuntary movements (chorea); abnormal gait; slurred speech; and progressive disorientation and loss of intellectual function (dementia). Founded in 1973 to fight Huntington’s disease through research, service, and education, the society now includes over 50 volunteer chapters and area representatives in all areas of Canada; an expanding network of professional counselors and caregivers; an international team of scientists and physicians; the National Office in Kitchener, Ontario; the Huntington Society of Quebec; and several sister organizations in other countries, forming the International Huntington Association. The Huntington Society of Canada funds basic and clinical research (including partial funding of the research that located the disease gene for HD in 1993); supports the Canadian HD DNA Bank for testing and research; provides information to affected families and professionals; and raises awareness of HD across Canada. The society also sponsors summer holiday and day activity programs for affected individuals; runs local support groups; offers crisis counseling and referral services; and provides a variety of materials on HD.

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