Intensive Caring Unlimited, Inc.

P.O. Box 563
Newtown Square, PA


About Intensive Caring Unlimited, Inc.

The Intensive Caring Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit parent support group for parents and families who have children who are premature or medically high-risk, parents who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, and parents who have experienced the death of an infant or a pregnancy loss. ICU was created in 1984 when The Premature and High Risk Infant Group of Philadelphia and the Special People Committee of FAMLEE combined their organizations and services to better support and encourage parents and families living in New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. ICU believes that peer support is the most important and most vital source of strength, encouragement, and comfort for families, and therefore its services center on providing this necessary support, as with their telephone parent support network. ICU also publishes a quarterly newsletter, can suggest appropriate referrals, offers access to its library, and trains any people interested in volunteering for ICU.