International Center for Fabry Disease

About International Center for Fabry Disease

The International Center for Fabry Disease is a voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to aiding in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Fabry disease, a rare inherited disorder of lipid metabolism characterized by the abnormal accumulation of certain fatty substances in various organs of the body. Symptoms may include clusters of discolorations on the skin (angiokeratomas), abdominal pain, pain in the hands and feet, as well as intolerance to heat due to a lack of sweating. Later in the course of the disease, kidney failure, heart problems, and/or neurological symptoms may cause serious complications. Established in 1974, the International Center for Fabry Disease promotes and supports ongoing research on Fabry disease and engages in patient and professional education. The center also makes referrals and provides educational and support information to affected individuals, family members, healthcare professionals, and the general public through its database, reports, and brochures.

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