Jeffrey Modell Foundation

780 Third Avenue
New York, NY


About Jeffrey Modell Foundation

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) is an international, non-profit, organization dedicated to helping individuals and family members affected by primary immunodeficiency disorders. The foundation is active in four main areas: research, physician and patient education, patient support, and public awareness of primary immune deficiency. The foundation provides funding of research fellowships and laboratory facilities; sponsors physician symposia in the United States, Canada, and Europe as well as grand rounds, seminars, and other educational activities for physicians; offers publications for both the lay and medical communities; and provides affected individuals with access to leading medical centers with departments of clinical immunology. The JMF also sponsors K.I.D.’s (Kids with Immunodeficiency) Days for affected children and their families; is engaged in ongoing education campaigns to promote awareness of primary immune deficiency (PI) in the general public; conducts advocacy on behalf of affected individuals; and is committed to ongoing biomedical research into primary immune deficiency. The JMF also publishes a regular newsletter for affected individuals and family members, physicians, and researchers; offers general materials on the primary immune deficiency disorders as well as materials on specific PID disorders for lay and medical audiences; and has a 24-hour JMF Hotline at (800) Jeff-844.