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About LAM Health Project

The LAM Treatment Alliance is a voluntary, non-profit organization that is a leading force in advancing the treatment and cure for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) through innovating, re-thinking, fostering, and aggressively funding high-impact initiatives and supporting patients in gaining access to multi-disciplinary clinical care and access to the knowledge in the research pipeline. LAM Treatment Alliance catalyzes high-performance partnerships between foundations, academic labs, government institutions and industry and works closely with new media technology, top labs, leading clinical centers and patient partners throughout the globe in order to accelerate the pace of discovery. LAM is a rare progressive multisystem disorder that predominantly affects women of childbearing age. It occurs in women who have tuberous sclerosis, and also in women who do not have a heritable genetic disorder. LAM is characterized by the spread and uncontrolled growth (proliferation) of specialized cells (smooth muscle cells) in certain organs of the body, especially the lungs. Common symptoms associated with LAM include coughing and/or difficulty breathing (dyspnea), especially following periods of exercise or exertion. Affected individuals may also experience complications including collapse of a lung or fluid accumulation around the lungs (pleural effusion). The disorder is progressive and, in some cases, may result in chronic respiratory failure.