Lymphovenous Association of Ontario

4161 Dundas Street West


About Lymphovenous Association of Ontario

The Lymphovenous Association of Ontario is a voluntary, non-profit health organization that was established in 1996 to develop a networking group for affected individuals, family members and healthcare professionals in Ontario with an interest in lymphovenous disorders. The lymphatic system includes a complex network of vessels that drain lymph from various areas of the body into the bloodstream. (Lymph is a bodily fluid that contains certain white blood cells [lymphocytes], fats, and proteins and functions as an essential part of the immune system.) In some cases, lymphatic malformations may be present at birth; in other cases, obstruction of normal lymph flow may occur secondary to certain inflammatory conditions, infectious diseases, benign or malignant growths, surgical procedures, radiation therapy, and/or other factors. The Lymphovenous Association of Ontario is committed to providing information and support to affected individuals and family members; raising public and professional awareness of lymphovenous disorders, their causes, and treatments; and supporting research toward improved treatment methods and possible cures. The association is also dedicated to providing networking opportunities for affected individuals and families, enabling the exchange of mutual support, information, and resources. In addition, the association engages in patient advocacy, has a directory, provides appropriate referrals, and conducts an annual general meeting and conference.