Madison Institute of Medicine(No longer in business)

6515 Grand Teton Plaza
Madison, WI


About Madison Institute of Medicine(No longer in business)

The Madison Institute of Medicine is a non-profit organization committed to conceptualizing, developing, and disseminating innovative approaches to the education of professionals, consumers, and the general public about psychiatric disorders and their treatment. An additional focus of the institute is clinical research as a vehicle to advance the frontiers of medicine and improve quality of life. At the core of the institute’s educational efforts are the Lithium Information Center (LIC) and the Obsessive Compulsive Information Center (OCIC). The LIC acquires, catalogs, and disseminates information on the biomedical uses of lithium and other medications for the treatment of bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder, a psychiatric disorder in which affected individuals experience recurrent mood swings. The OCIC distributes biomedical information concerning obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders. OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive actions or rituals (compulsions) performed in response to recurrent obsessive thoughts.