Myrovlytis Trust

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About Myrovlytis Trust

The Myrovlytis Trust is a UK based, non-profit charity that promotes research into rare genetic disorders, and advances education of the public in medical and molecular genetics. The Trust funds basic scientific and medical research into Birt-Hogg-Dub� (BHD) syndrome. Several projects are currently being funded in university laboratories around the world, including projects ranging from cell biology to renal gene therapy. The Trust has also created and maintains (in collaboration with the BHD Family Alliance), the primary online resource for anyone interested in BHD syndrome. BHD syndrome is a rare complex genetic skin disorder (genodermatosis) characterized by the development of benign skin tumors (hamartomas) affecting the head, face and upper torso. These benign tumors are fibrofolliculomas, tumors of the hair follicles. BHD syndrome also predisposed individuals to the development of benign cysts in the lungs, repeated episodes of a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), and increased risk for developing renal neoplasia. BHD syndrome is caused by mutations in the BHD gene and is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait.