National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

1010 Wayne Avenue
Silver Spring, MD


About National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship is a survivor-led organization, in the country and a highly respected authentic voice at the federal level, advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans and empowering cancer survivors. NCCS believes in evidence-based advocacy for systemic changes at the federal level in how the nation researches, regulates, finances and delivers quality cancer care. In 2004, NCCS launched Cancer Advocacy Now (CAN!), a legislative advocacy network that seeks to involve constituents from across the country in federal cancer-related issues. Patient education is also a priority for NCCS. NCCS offers educational materials and tools to help people advocate for their own care or that of someone they love. These materials include the award-winning Cancer Survival Toolbox (R), and publications about employment rights, talking with one’s doctor, maintaining hope throughout the cancer experience.