National Gaucher Foundation

5410 Edson Lane Suite 220
Rockville, MA


About National Gaucher Foundation

The National Gaucher Foundation (NGF) is a non-profit organization that supports medical research into causes of Gaucher disease. Gaucher disease is a rare metabolic disorder characterized by the accumulation of a fatty substance, a lipid called glucocerebrosidase. The most common symptoms of Gaucher disease are enlargement of the liver and spleen, anemia, reduced platelets (resulting in easy bruising and long clotting times), bone infarctions often leading to damage to the shoulder or hip joints, and a generalized demineralization of the bones (osteoporosis) that can lead to spontaneous fractures. Founded in 1984, the National Gaucher Foundation encourages scientific investigation into developing treatments for Gaucher disease. The organization hopes that this research will ultimately lead to a cure for the disease. In addition to funding vital research, the National Gaucher Foundation offers an extensive range of services to people with Gaucher disease and their families. These services include financial assistance and patient and physician education programs. The foundation also publishes a quarterly newsletter.

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