PHG Foundation

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About PHG Foundation

The PHG Foundation is a non-profit organization based in a bioscience cluster in Cambridge, UK that is a leading international center for public health genomics . They work to identify and promote opportunities for biomedical innovation to improve health and tackle disease, developing models and capacities for translation into improved clinical and public health policies and practices. This includes expert research, analysis, debate, knowledge brokering and health services planning. Their multi-disciplinary team includes experts in medicine, public health and biosciences as well as in economics, ethics, law, philosophy, politics, and sociology. The PHG Foundation’s work covers diseases where understanding of the underlying genetic contributions or the use of new biomedical technologies can improve health care. Examples include newborn screening for diseases such as maple syrup urine disease and homocystinuria; carrier screening for Tay Sachs disease; services for genetic eye disorders and inherited cardiac conditions; the use of genetic and other biomarkers in disease risk prediction; and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis for different genetic and chromosomal disorders.