Raynaud’s Association, Inc.

11 Topstone Road
Redding, CT


About Raynaud’s Association, Inc.

The Raynaud’s Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information and help in coping with daily activities among individuals who are affected by Raynaud’s disease and phenomenon. Raynaud’s is a common vascular disorder characterized by episodes of constriction of very small blood vessels in the fingers, toes or other extremity. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, and cold sensations in the fingers. The purpose of the association is to share information and to provide support in dealing with everyday activities, such as holding a cold glass of soda or shopping in the refrigerated section of a supermarket. Founded in 1992, the association also works to increase public awareness of Raynaud’s disease and is active in patient recruitment for ongoing clinical trials and eventually funding for research. Consisting of over 1,500 members, the organization produces educational materials including the newsletter “Cold Cuts” and a brochure about the disease. In addition, the association coordinates a national networking program and holds informal support group meetings in the New York metropolitan area.