Sleep/Wake Disorders Association of Toronto

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About Sleep/Wake Disorders Association of Toronto

The Sleep/Wake Disorders Association of Toronto is a national, non-profit, self-help organization of volunteers dedicated to providing information, practical support, and resources to Canadians with sleep/wake disorders. Such disorders include difficulties falling or staying asleep (insomnia); sleep apnea, a disorder in which breathing periodically ceases during sleep; narcolepsy, which is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, recurrent episodes of sleep during the day, and, in some cases, sudden loss of muscle tone (hypotonia) without loss of consciousness (cataplexy); and restless legs syndrome, a disorder characterized by unusual, unpleasant sensations deep in the legs, an overwhelming desire to move the legs to relieve such sensations, motor restlessness, and occurrence of such symptoms most frequently during the evening or early part of the night and while at rest. Established in 1981 and currently consisting of approximately 1,000 members, Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada has self-help chapters and contact representatives across Canada to provide local access for affected individuals and family members who seek information and peer support. The organization is committed to providing accurate and timely information on sleep/wake disorders to affected individuals and healthcare professionals; promoting awareness among affected families, medical professionals, and the general public; and promoting and supporting research on the underlying causes of such disorders.