Sneddon’s Foundation

211 E 25th St
New York, NY

About Sneddon’s Foundation

The Sneddon’s Foundation (of the U.S) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to (1) develop a clearinghouse of information on Sneddon’s Syndrome in two formats, one for the medical community and one for the community of patients, families, and the general public; (2) to disseminate both types of information through every possible means; to develop a nexus of commmunication about Sneddon’s Syndrome within the patient community, within the medical community and across the divide between the two; (3) to encourage and support research on Sneddon’s Syndrome in hopes of clarifying both a cause and a cure for this devastating disease. Sneddon’s syndrome is a rare progressive disorder affecting the blood vessels characterized by the association of a skin condition and neurological abnormalities. It is characterized by blockages (occlusions) of the arteries that cause a reduction of blood flow to the brain and to the skin. Associated symptoms vary from case to case. The disorder can lead to cardiac problems, kidney problems and/or stroke.