Society for the Study of Reproduction

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About Society for the Study of Reproduction

The Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) is a professional society that was founded in 1967 to promote the study of reproduction by fostering interdisciplinary communication among scientists, conducting conferences, and publishing meritorious studies. The Society’s membership consists of scientists, medical and veterinary physicians, trainees in graduate and professional schools, and others who are engaged in research, education, and training in fields relevant to reproductive biology. The SSR is affiliated with colleges and universities, medical and veterinary schools, medical centers, research institutes, government agencies, and industry in approximately 47 countries. The Society’s research focuses on important problems in human and animal reproduction as it relates to medicine and agriculture and basic biology. Such research areas include female and male infertility including pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment; contraception; lactation; pregnancy-related disorders including pre-eclampsia and premature labor; diseases of the reproductive tract including endometriosis and cancers of the ovary, uterus, and prostate; reproductive toxicology; basic mechanisms controlling the function of organs involved in reproduction; mechanisms of cell differentiation and development; and reproduction and conservation of endangered species. Society members have contributed toward the development of tests for pregnancy diagnosis and fetal monitoring; the development of methods for in vitro fertilization in humans and animals; and the training of scientists working for academia, government, and industry. The SSR conducts an Annual Meeting that serves as a forum for the exchange of current information in the field of reproduction. The scientific gathering offers symposia, technical workshops, and presentations from Society members and nonmembers. In addition, outstanding contributions to the science of reproduction are recognized at the Society’s Annual Meeting. In the Society’s commitment to promoting the education and training of young people, the SSR has also established an endowment fund to enhance the Annual Meeting as a broad forum for reproductive biology. The fund provides travel fellowships for trainees and foreign scientists, endowed lectures from distinguished scientists, and educational programs on such topics as the ethics of reproductive technologies, reproductive strategies for endangered species, and animal use and care. The SSR also publishes the journal “Biology of Reproduction,” which includes original, peer-refereed scientific papers.