Society of Interventional Radiology

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About Society of Interventional Radiology

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is a professional society for physicians who specialize in interventional or minimally invasive procedures. Founded in 1973 and currently consisting of approximately 4,000 members, the Society is a nonprofit, national scientific organization committed to improving health and the quality of life through the practice of interventional radiology. The Society promotes education, research, and communication in the field while providing leadership in the development of health care policy. Interventional radiology is a medical specialty that uses image-guided, minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques that are often an alternative to surgery. For example, angiography is a specialized x-ray examination of the arteries and veins to diagnose blockages and other blood vessel abnormalities. Benefits of SIR membership include credentialing and clinical practice guidelines in interventional radiology and advice on their implementation; a network of practicing interventional radiologists who are available for information; pre publicized notification of interventional courses; an annual membership directory; an annual meeting; and several materials and publications including the Society’s quarterly newsletter and its monthly “Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology.” The Society of Interventional Radiology also has a web site on the Internet that provides information on its mission, goals, and services; a FAQ (“frequently asked questions”) area; an online fellowship directory; an educational materials area; patient information; and more.