Taking Action Against Language Disorders for Kids (TALK)

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Bend, OR


About Taking Action Against Language Disorders for Kids (TALK)

The Taking Action Against Language Disorders for Kids, Inc., (TALK) is a service organization dedicated to educating the medical and educational communities and the public on the importance of early recognition of speech and language disorders in children. Established in 1992, the organization promotes the exchange of current information on speech and language disorders or impairments and other topics such as parental issues, research, behavior modification approaches, and speech/language and occupational therapy techniques. This is accomplished through an established nationwide network that is available to the public and educational and medical communities. The organization also offers parental support to affected families, providing such families with resources, articles, and other materials. It is hoped that this support will enable parents to become advocates for their children to help ensure their rights under the law. The organization also offers support to the siblings of affected children through informational literature and other resources. TALK also exchanges current information and resources with organizations and agencies locally, nationally, and worldwide and makes a library of relevant materials available to the public and medical and educational communities. In addition, the organization provides a directory and a regular newsletter.

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