Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula Support

St. George's Centre


About Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula Support

The Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula Support (TOFS) is an international, voluntary organization dedicated to providing information and support to parents who have a child born with tracheo-esophogeal fistula (TOF). In TOF, a section of the baby’s throat is abnormally joined to the windpipe (esophagus) making it difficult for food and saliva to pass into the stomach. Established in 1982, TOFS consists of a family membership and a national network of volunteers, all of whom are parents of children with TOF. The support group receives calls from affected families and professionals; maintains contact with sister organizations in other countries; and maintains a databank of information on matters such as feeding problems, tube feeding, and financial assistance. A video has been produced that explains the condition and the problems affecting children with TOF. In addition, TOFS raises funds to support its own work, to purchase equipment for hospitals and individuals, and to finance research. Support groups for affected individuals, family members, and healthcare professionals are provided along with educational materials. A national conference for members and professionals is organized every two years. Fund-raising is undertaken to assist hospitals to purchase specialized equipment.