Triple X Support Group

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About Triple X Support Group

The Triple X Support Group is a voluntary, self-help organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and informational materials to parents of children with triple X syndrome. Also known as trisomy X or 47, XXX syndrome, triple X syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects females. Females normally have two X chromosomes; however, females with triple X syndrome carry three X chromosomes in cells of the body. Associated symptoms and findings may vary greatly from case to case. Whereas some affected females have very few associated symptoms, others may have physical abnormalities, delayed speech and motor skills, learning disabilities, and/or behavioral abnormalities. The Triple X Support Group was established in 1997 and currently consists of 290 families. The group provides reprints from the medical literature concerning triple X syndrome as well as brochures that describe the chromosomal disorder in lay terminology. The organization also puts affected families in touch with one another, promoting the exchange of mutual support, experiences, information, and resources.