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About Turner Syndrome Society Of The United States

Established in 1987, the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States is a national non-profit self-help organization dedicated to advancing knowledge, facilitating research, and providing support for all people touched by Turner syndrome (TS). They actively connect people and experts in the TS community to each other and to the best resources. Turner syndrome is a rare chromosomal condition in females that is characterized by the absence or genetic differences in the second sex chromosome. Symptoms may include short stature, lack of sexual development at puberty, infertility, cognitive differences, heart defects, and/or other characteristics and conditions. The Society offers a provider directory, a national conference, online webinars, and social meetings, and personally assists people with TS-related needs. . In addition, they support ongoing medical research through the TS Research Registry. The Turner Syndrome Society also offers a variety of educational materials including a regular newsletter, simple yet expansive information for the management of TS within their website and downloadable and printed materials.

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