Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

About Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

The Hemangioma and Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is a non-profit organization of parents and professionals dedicated to providing information, assistance, and support to those affected by hemangiomas or other vascular birthmarks or tumors. Hemangiomas, the most common benign tumor affecting infants, are bluish or reddish flat or raised areas that are usually apparent at or within weeks after birth. Hemangiomas typically continue to grow for approximately one to two years and then begin a slow regression cycle. Vascular malformations are benign vascular lesions that are present at birth; however, in some cases, they may not become apparent for days, weeks, or even years after birth. Vascular malformations typically grow slowly and steadily throughout life with no regression cycle. The Hemangioma and Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is dedicated to educating physicians and other healthcare providers in the diagnosis and management of all vascular birthmarks; providing support, information, and referrals for all affected individuals; developing research projects concerning vascular birthmarks; and working toward the establishment of a uniform protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular birthmarks.