Over 160 Patient Organizations Reemphasize Support for the Orphan Drug Tax Credit

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With the Senate and House versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act heading to a conference committee, the future of the Orphan Drug Tax Credit (ODTC) is at stake.
Today, NORD joined over 160 patient organizations in sending a letter to the tax reform conference committee in emphatic support of strengthening the ODTC provision, or at the very least, keeping the Senate’s proposed 27.5 percent rate intact. It is vital that the Orphan Drug Tax Credit is not repealed, as without the ODTC, one third fewer orphan drugs would be developed moving forward.
We are extremely grateful to all those organizations that joined us and lent their support. We must continue to make our voices heard as the debate on tax reform proceeds in order to ensure that the Orphan Drug Tax Credit remains in place.
To view or share the letter, please click here.

TAKE ACTION! Visit rareaction.org/saveorphandrugs to help NORD protect the Orphan Drug Tax Credit.