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Archives for: June 17th, 2017

Finding a Zebra Among Many Horses-CME Program

Written by Christina Jensen on June 17, 2017


Program Overview

This dynamic and interactive program is directed at raising awareness about the prevalence of patients afflicted with a rare disease. There are over 7,000 rare disorders that are known to affect 30 million Americans, more than half of which are children. This program will raise… Read More

Penn State Graduate Rare Disorder Survey

Written by Christina Jensen on September 12, 2016

Written by: Kerri Nelson, graduate student at Penn State University and mother to a child with a rare disease.

masonAs both a mother to a child with a rare disorder and a healthcare professional, I was at loss for words when my… Read More

NORD Fundraiser: Paint for a Cause

Written by Christina Jensen on March 10, 2016


If you are local to Foxborough, Massachusetts, we invite you to the Muse Paintbar for a fun night of painting and fundraising for the Running for Rare Marathon team supporting NORD. 40% of the proceeds will go towards Martha’s fundraising goal for running the… Read More

Running on Air for Rare Disease Day

Written by Heidi Bjornson-Pennell on February 11, 2016

“I want to shake up what people think is possible,” says Mary Kitlowski – “ both people with rare diseases, and people without. If I can make a difference by doing it, it makes it worth it.”

Mary has taken on what for most seems insurmountable – running races… Read More